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Educating people about vocal art and artists is one of the goals of Milligan Vocal Arts Institute. Most vocal artists don’t identify themselves as such.Comedians, storytellers, ventriloquists, puppeteers, rappers, DJs, actors, and voice-over actors may not see themselves as artists. But they are. Think about how each of these vocalists use their voices. A comedian tells a joke or story and you may not even get it if they don’t use creative inflection, intonation, rhythm, or pitch. Rappers, storytellers express themselves in very artistic ways in order to communicate the messages or stories within them. Singers with professional recording contracts call themselves artists. But, they’re not the only ones. You too may be a vocal artist! Join us as we explore the artistic use of voice. Vocal artists are everywhere and we enjoy their works of art sometimes without acknowledging the beauty in their creativity.

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