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Your Voice Matters!

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Your voice is so important! It really matters in how you communicate with others as well as how others perceive you. You use your voice everyday, but have you ever thought about how creative you can be with your voice. You can make someone happy, sad, scared, calm, reluctant, or even angry. Your voice matters, so use it well. It is art…everyday.

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Purpose in Voice

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Vocalists who perform works of art in specific vocal genres such as puppetry, storytelling, spoken word, or even acting use their voices in very purposeful ways. Depending on what they’re trying to communicate, their use of voice may require special emphasis by adjusting pitch, pace, amplitude or intonation. Speaking or performing with purposeful use of voice is something most artists do without too much thought of how they deliver their content. It starts with a thought and them gets communicated vocally. To most, its a very quick process, but one with purpose. The purposeful use of the human voice. Very creative and necessary.

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Educating people about vocal art and artists is one of the goals of Milligan Vocal Arts Institute. Most vocal artists don’t identify themselves as such.Comedians, storytellers, ventriloquists, puppeteers, rappers, DJs, actors, and voice-over actors may not see themselves as artists. But they are. Think about how each of these vocalists use their voices. A comedian tells a joke or story and you may not even get it if they don’t use creative inflection, intonation, rhythm, or pitch. Rappers, storytellers express themselves in very artistic ways in order to communicate the messages or stories within them. Singers with professional recording contracts call themselves artists. But, they’re not the only ones. You too may be a vocal artist! Join us as we explore the artistic use of voice. Vocal artists are everywhere and we enjoy their works of art sometimes without acknowledging the beauty in their creativity.

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How Your Voice Works

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When I learned how my voice works, I was shocked and fascinated. For some reason I thought it was all in my throat. Why? Because that’s what it feels like. Voice provides evidence of life by allowing us ways to communicate. There are several systems in your body that make you sound the way you do and help you speak. These systems allow you to express emotion, create, impact others, Take a look at this infographic on how your voice works. It’s just the beginning.

Vocal Health

A Healthy Voice

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Have you ever thought about keeping your voice healthy? Especially if you’re a vocal performer or rely on your voice for your business/career. It’s important to take care of your voice so that it will last you a lifetime, but many people don’t realize how easy it is to get and maintain a healthy voice.